Friday, July 27, 2007

Who stole the cookie from the profit jar? US? Noo..

For more than a year, I have heard the "conspiracy theories" about war profiteering in Iraq. I never took any to heart, considering the lack of national attention to the issue (only recently have I learned about the total of 4 corporations that own our media).
It seems to me a matter that needs intense investigation, but is it even possible to accomplish any of that in today's government?
Are we really so secure in our imperialistic government that we believe no one could possibly be undermining this war, not even the CEO of Halliburton whose tax payments on Iraqi reconstruction went from $302 million to zero in one year or received $85 million in refunds from the IRS?
Just last week three Texas family members were arrested on charges of bribery in Iraqi reconstruction fraud. Aparently this is the largest fraud (approx. $15 million) dedected since the last largest of $4 million. The sad part is that no one is questioning where this money the alleged are accused of accepting came from. Everyone is too worried at how apalling this is considering one suspect is a Major in the US Army who served two years in Kuwaait.
Regardless of the family's outcome, this matter is one that should continue to go unchecked.
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Good. Not as directly related to Texas State and Local Government as I'd like, but good enough. The last sentence is confusing....